Best 4 Supplements and Vitamins for Bodybuilders and Athletes

There are many different supplements that athletes and bodybuilders prefer to take. They are not steroids or anything of that nature, even though most common people presume that when they hear supplement and weight training together. Instead, they are just vitamins and minerals in a supplemental form and nothing that your body does not already create on its own.

1. Protein

Protein is needed for every cell that is in your body. When it comes to weight training purposes, protein is used for muscle growth, repair, and recovery. Without this, there would be no point to lift weights because you would never gain muscle mass. Whey protein is the most commonly used protein supplement that almost every bodybuilder users. The main thing to look at when researching a protein supplement is how much sugar and fillers it contains. Also, you need to check and see if it has all the amino acids needed to properly digest the protein into your bloodstream.

The minimum amount of protein needed daily is what your body weight is, but if you want to gain more mass then increase the amount. The best times to take whey protein are before and after the workout, and some even do half servings during their workout session. If you are going to invest in supplements then make sure that you get a protein product, and that should be your number one priority for bodybuilding supplements!

2. Calcium with Vitamin D

Calcium’s best supplement to take for increasing bone strength and growth. This is very much needed for bodybuilders because the weight being used will put a lot of stress against your bones. Common areas for injuries due to calcium deficiencies to occur are the wrist and shoulders.

Calcium is not just for bone development and has other benefits as well such as a healthier cardiovascular system and fat loss. Also, calcium is essential for maintaining healthy blood cells, nerves, and muscles. You want your calcium to contain vitamin D for the simple reason that this vitamin helps with calcium absorption.

3. Vitamin B12

This vitamin is needed greatly for the aid in the absorption of protein and carbohydrates during the digestive phase. Vitamin B12 also is used to burn fat calories naturally as an enzyme in many different body functions including the muscles, plus it is used in energy production within the body.

4. Vitamin C

Vitamin C could be thought of s the ultimate vitamin to be supplemented with. The bad part about Vitamin C is that it is not readily available within your body, and that calls for the need of daily intake from supplements and fruits. During any sickness such as the common cold, flu, infection, and disease the body is using heavy amounts of Vitamin C to fight back and assist the immune system.

This vitamin is important to bodybuilders because at higher levels it will suppress the release of cortisone during your workout. Your testosterone levels will decrease greatly from cortisone, and then your body will begin using its muscles for fuel which is known as a “catabolic state”.

Regulate your Vitamin Intake

Vitamins are very good for you and are needed for the body to simply survive. However, too much of one or more vitamins could actually prove to be fatal. Many people have started to have kidney failure due to a high intake of Vitamin D, and that is because cheap supplements found at drug stores contain high amounts to make it look more appealing. That is just another reason to always read the labels on your food and supplements.